Types of Locust Tree: Identify Locust Trees with Pictures

honey locust

Locust trees belong to a family of flowering plants called Fabaceae, they are fast-growing. The locust trees have good hardwood and extraordinarily colorful flowers, which bloom in spring. The locust trees generally grow in the eastern part of the USA. The locust tree grows very long and has sharp thorns. These thorns are sturdy and … Read more

How do you identify an Elm tree? (With Pictures)

Elm Tree

Elm is a beautiful deciduous tree found in the Northern Hemispheres.  It belongs to the Genus-Ulmus and family-Ulmaceae. It has a variation of about 30 species, and some of the species are semi-deciduous in nature. The Elm tree not only adds beauty to the landscape, but the timber of the Elm tree has lots of … Read more

Liriodendron Identification Guide: What does a Tulip tree look like

American tulip tree

The Tulip tree is deciduous and grows in the Southeastern parts of the United States. It is known as Liriodendron Tulipifera. The Tulip tree is also commonly known as the yellow poplar, Tulip or Tulip poplar. Strictly speaking, all these names are not right, because it is neither a poplar tree nor is it a … Read more

Where do Birch trees grow best?

Birch tree

The Birch tree is related to the famous Oak family and grows in the north part of the northern hemisphere. It has a large number of varieties. It has very typical flowers, which are clustered together and are known as the ‘catkins’. It has green, oval or elliptical leaves with single or double serrations at … Read more

Questions about Pine Tree

Bunge Pine

How Fast Do Pine Trees Grow?     Pine trees are huge tall trees that can grow up to the height of 100 – 110 feet. The Monterey pine, which is the fastest-growing pine, grows 160 feet tall. Pine trees as a family have inhabited earth for a long time. Some trees are 4600 years old since … Read more

10 Things about the Persian silk tree

Persian Slik Tree

What does a silk tree look like? The ornamental Persian Silk tree is usually a very attractive and beautiful sight. It is a deciduous tree, that is, it shed its leaves during the fall, and new leaves come in the spring. It has lovely leaves like ferns.  They are multi-compound leaves. The leaf is dark … Read more

Strawberry trees care guide (Arbutus Marina)

arbutus marina

Arbutus marina is a variant of the Arbutus family of trees, popularly known as the strawberry trees. Arbutus marina got noticed for the first time in the year 1917 at a Horticulture symposium. It was kept and maintained at a nursery in Marina, San Francisco, and hence subsequently got named as Arbutus marina. A mature … Read more

Maple Bark Peeling: Why does a Maple Tree Lose its Bark?

sycamore maple bark

Maple loses its bark for many reasons. Sometimes shedding bark is just part of the natural processes of a tree, but sometimes it may reveal some severe health issues with the tree. The primary purpose of barks is to act as a protection for trees. They are like the human skin, coat the trees from … Read more