Strawberry trees care guide (Arbutus Marina)

arbutus marina

Arbutus marina is a variant of the Arbutus family of trees, popularly known as the strawberry trees. Arbutus marina got noticed for the first time in the year 1917 at a Horticulture symposium. It was kept and maintained at a nursery in Marina, San Francisco, and hence subsequently got named as Arbutus marina. A mature … Read more

Maple Bark Peeling: Why does a Maple Tree Lose its Bark?

sycamore maple bark

Maple loses its bark for many reasons. Sometimes shedding bark is just part of the natural processes of a tree, but sometimes it may reveal some severe health issues with the tree. The primary purpose of barks is to act as a protection for trees. They are like the human skin, coat the trees from … Read more